A long hiatus


It’s been, I don’t know, at least 2 years since I have blogged about happenings in my life. But you are never too old for a comeback, right?! Now is a great time for me to hop back into this because

a. I am pregnant with #4. 10 weeks along. Yes, it was planned. No, we weren’t trying for a boy.

b. my business is thriving and I have a little more time to myself now that I have a studio manager running the show.

c. lately I have had several people ask me why I stopped blogging and encouraged me to try again. It doesn’t take much to get Paige Walker up and moving, so that was motivation enough.

d. I have a ton of crap to write about. Having too many kids, running a business and balancing family, stuff I like, things that makes my life easier. What you will most definitely not see here is crafting, pinterest-y bullsh, projects, recipes, diy. NO!

I’m not even sure if anyone out there is still blogging, I mean in 2010 blogging was everyone’s jam.

The old blog is still up, looks like I left off with great detail about the good ol’ nose job.

It feels good to be back!


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