Blake’s 1st Day

Here we are at the beginning of the school year again. This time 2nd grade! Blake is still at Key School and doing so well there.

The quick story of how she became a student at Key School:

She went to kindergarten at All Saints. It’s a beautiful campus, fantastic school and absolutely not for dyslexic ADHD kids. At all. We visited her diagnostician for a second round of testing when there was about 2 months of kinder left, she had already been tested as a 4 year old. The results showed dyslexia and ADHD as well as dysgraphia. Our diagnostician (Dr. Jill Claridge) referred us to several schools that specialize in these issues. We fell in love with Key School, because they fell in love with Blake, and we have been there every since the last 7 weeks of kindergarten.


Blake thrives there. They challenge her high IQ and meet her where she is with skills she is needing extra help on. The class size is so small, sometimes only 2 kids per teacher.

She was excited to start school, and she made up a song about all the potential problems she could face and sang it last night to calm her nerves. “whaaaaaat if there is a bullllllly?…..what if I don’t know anyooooooone?….I’m pretty nervoooouuuuuuss”


I love that they see Blake as the creative, brilliant, out of the box thinker that she is. They don’t see her as a problem that they need to fix. She is amazing!

Kitty back pack from Pottery Barn Kids


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