Kylie and Aven

As expected, Kylie and Aven transitioned into the school year with zero issues. They are my easies. As a former first grade teacher and lover of the idea of being a little older, a little smarter, a little more mature, Kylie is repeating kindergarten. She has a May birthday and although she rocked kindergarten last year, I just can’t imagine her being one of the youngest in her class. She is already very shy and I knew this extra year would give her extra confidence.

She got a fantastic teacher and we are very impressed with her school so far. At some point we will transition Kylie, and all of our kids, over to a private school, but for public elementary, her school is as good as it gets. Go Tigers!

Aven LOVES school! She would rather be there than just about anywhere else. She has a bestie and a boyfriend, so what else could a 3 year old want? She was in the car about 12 seconds on Wednesday and told me she already missed her teacher Miss Connie.


Blake has two baby books that she adores, hello first child! Kylie has a baby book that I filled out but didn’t put any pictures, same with Aven. Kylie wanted to look at baby pictures of herself yesterday so I cranked up the old blog and scrolled through. It made me realize how important this whole blogging and documenting thing is. If nothing else, your pictures are in order and all in one place. So let’s take  minute to look at fat Kylie……whoa.


I’m hoping to blog a little more frequently, not to become a millionaire blogger, I already have all my eggs in the millionaire photographer basket.

Also, seeing this picture makes me realize I’m not one of those “slow down time” “please time stop” “don’t ever grow up” moms. I see this hashtags and phrases all the time on Facebook. In my opinion, each stage of parenting has it’s challenges but I am beyond glad to be to the stage that  I am in. It’s always getting better and more fun. If given the opportunity to go back to having Kylie at this stage, although cute, I would say a big fat HELL NO . Sorry fat baby Kylie, I am enjoying your kindergarten self plenty. I try to embrace each stage and move on when it’s over.


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